Zach Stone

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

Zach Stone holds a degree in Counseling and Behavioral Health from Drexel University and certificates in crisis intervention, victim/offender conferencing, addiction studies, and human services.  He specializes in human behaviors, communications, conflict management, and violence prevention.  Zach Stone has spent the last decade as a mediator, facilitator, and corporate coach.  He has worked in the juvenile justice system, and other corporate, government, and academic sectors. He holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development from Babson College. He is on staff at Drexel in the Behavioral Health Department and is a regular speaker with the Association for Conflict Resolution and the International Coaching Federation.  Zach has trained in the transportation industry for five years and presented at APTA’s Sustainability Conference in 2012. Zach has also trained first responders in both the medical community and the field of social services. He recently developed and delivered curricula for the Department of State Sponsored Program, American Field Service Cultural Exchange Programs (AFS) in both New York City and Washington D.C.