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Welcome to Red Kite Project's new website!

We're excited to unveil a new and improved website, which will allow potential clients to engage with us in new and exciting ways. While our work can not truly begin until we do a needs assessment, we want you to be able to contact us and schedule introductory calls in a way that's more convenient and offers a clear pipeline for both in person training and online learning. We're confident that we can meet your organization's needs, whatever they might be, and help you to create a plan that will not only improve your company's bottom line, but the work culture as well.

Be sure to check out out services page, where you can schedule a booking to talk to one of Red Kite's management team, so we can help find a solution that works for you.

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Our Newest Collaboration

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between the Red Kite Project and the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). Together, we will provide their team with de-escalation skills and resilience-


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