“Who Do You Trust?” From Red Kite Project

“Who Do You Trust?” From Red Kite Project

Recently, Red Kite Project began working on an interactive gaming experience that is designed to be enjoyed by youth and executives alike.  Phrases like “leadership” and “team building” are commodities traded around in our industry but they are more than just buzz words. All of the activities utilized by RKP focus heavily on learning through experience and fun. You don’t just walk away having a great time, you end up leaving with an enhanced understanding of organizational dynamics and leadership.

We are engineering scenarios and story lines that involve espionage, puzzle solving, deception, intrigue, global disasters, and the occasional art theft.  Here is the latest promotional piece for the game, “Who do you trust?”  This specific game focuses on a coalition of the world’s top thinkers tasked with solving an international water crisis that threatens humanity, while dodging spies and double agents.

What role will you play?



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