Most medical training doesn’t really teach people how to handle the stress of working in medicine, Wilmot said. “If they do, it’s more of an elective class,” he said.Providing a space for employees to talk about their symptoms — and troubleshoot solutions — has made a difference, he said.”Red Kite has also helped me look at hiring practices and preparing new employees for the level of stress that they could experience,” Wilmot added. “And just by preparing people better, I’m seeing better retention. Because people are saying, ‘Yeah, you told me that this might be something that I might be challenged with.'”

Wilmot said he hopes the training will help employees better understand the effects of stress.

“And accept that maybe a thousand small changes are going to add up to the greatest change possible. So while I may not have combated obesity in West Philadelphia, I got that one family connected with a resource that made a difference for them,” he said. “Sometimes, that’s where we need to sit.”