Press Release: Boston, 26th Annual Trauma Conference

Press Release: Boston, 26th Annual Trauma Conference

Boston, Massachusetts —- Red Kite Rising Team Presents Healing Model to Behavioral Health Professionals at International Conference


On May 28th, 2015, Red Kite’s Martial Arts Healing Division presented at the 26thAnnual International Trauma Conference in Boston, Mass. The conference was sponsored by the Justice Resource Institute’s Trauma Center in Brookline, Mass.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Medical Director of the Trauma Center and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University’s School of Medicine, led the conference.


Approximately 500 behavioral health professionals attended the four-day event. Current research findings on neurobiology and traumatic stress were presented as well as cutting-edge treatment interventions for various trauma-based symptoms. Red Kite Rising presented its experiential approach to trauma healing, which focuses on somatic movement to reset the brain’s overactive alarm system and conflict transformation to rebuild relational processes after psychological trauma occurs.


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