Using techniques and education built in post-war zones and high conflict areas, we specialize in high-pressure industries like transit, healthcare, emergency response, and the military.  We create and deliver resiliency building workshops, consulting, coaching, and seminars that help your workforce to rise above burnout, conflict, violence, and other obstacles to wellness. Stop absenteeism, turnover, high FMLA use, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and workplace violence in its tracks.

For $1 invested in wellness initiatives, you can achieve a $6 return. -American Institute for Preventative Medicine

Independently Collected Metrics:

  • 82% reduction in assaults & workplace violence.
  • 29% Reduction in negligent driving performance
  • 38% Reduction in non-consecutive sick days
  • 51% Reduction in absenteeism
  • 200% Increase in positive customer service satisfaction ratings
  • 18% Reduction in turnover